Thursday, November 8, 2012

The first one to believe me

I grew up with literally no one in my family believing what I said about NM. I was always told by other family members that it mustn't be true, what I say about her, that she was the most amazing mother in the world, that she is almost a saint, that she is always nice, and she loves me more than a human being can possibly love.

That I have a vivid imagination. That I am a child that loves exaggerating, and telling stories that are more "colorful" than how they have actually happened. That I am a teenager who obviously tries to "rebel" (I have never rebelled, I didn't even know what it was). That I don't understand motherly love. That I will learn what it is like to be a mother when I become one. That my poor mother only wants the best for me, I'll see. That I am a liar. I soon became the Pinocchio of the family. And I had to realize, that there never was and never will be anyone, who will believe anything I say about my life in my FOO, or NM.

And now, a miracle happened on my birthday.

I have talked to DGM and her husband, they said HBD and quickly changed the subject. They were very agitated. It turned out that they talked to NM the day before my birthday. I don't know what she told them but it really scared the sh*t out of them. They basically told me to escape as far as I can from her. They said something about how she must have something wrong in the head, and muttered about it not being right for a mother to expect her child to sacrifice herself for her mother. That if I have no other choice, they will give me shelter until I can find someplace else.

That they knew.

That they believed me.

That they were in my corner.

I never, ever have felt so light and so powerful in my life.

Someone, in my family, believes me.


  1. Wow... I know it made a huge difference once my sister and I realized we were on the same side fighting for the truth.

  2. I'm so glad you have some validation. And Happy Birthday!

  3. This is awesome. I know when my therapist believed me, it was a load off my shoulders (although I still kept thinking "I pay him to believe me").

    I'm really happy you got such a great bday gift :)

  4. OH - how amazing that feels! All of the sudden a light goes on above you and SOMEONE BELIEVES YOU. It IS a feeling of being light, almost floating. That is amazing and wonderful and so great.

  5. What a wonderful birthday present! I'm so happy for you.

  6. Validation is an amazing feeling after being disbelieved for a long time. Happy birthday.


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