Thursday, July 26, 2012

Healing mantra for today

  • Living and feeling my grief does not have to result in making myself physically, mentally or emotionally disabled.
  • I cannot change other people's decisions, but I can make my own decisions about how to deal with the current situation in my life.
  • If I feel sad, I can allow myself to feel that sadness. I do not have to repress my feelings, as I used to do.
  • If I feel better, and things get easier, I do not have to push myself back into depression again, as I used to do.
  • Just because I am not happy, I do not have to give up the things I love. I can allow myself to have coping methods.
  • I do not have to act like as if everything was OK, I do not have to act happy. I do not have to jump into action with full force, especially if I realize that doing so without healing would only hurt more.
  • If dealing with the art project intensely, or any other mundane action causes me pain, I can give myself time and decide not to do it for another day.
  • Just because someone has decided not to talk to me, it does not mean that I am less loveable or valuable for either him or anyone else. 
  • I can decide to continue the art project, I can decide to show those who count on me that I am there for them. I can allow myself to be happy in it, even if my ex-friend does not participate in it anymore. I do not have to sabotage the project consciously, or on an unconscious level.
  • I can allow myself to move on. And I can take as much time as I need for that.


  1. I think this is a great mantra Scatha. The pressure to "be happy," to "snap out of it," is huge in our culture. If one is depressed, it is a force to be reckoned with, not some light switch to turn on or off. I have found that respecting stretches of depression, in a way, befriending it and letting it exist for awhile without meta-narratives of judgement about it, is helpful to me. I know it will leave, as long as I give it time for its visit. Be yourself.

  2. I just took a shot at mantras (i used the word slogans) over at my place. My dictionary defines mantra's as a mystical formula of invocation or incantation. Your writing sounds more like effective coping mechanisms for living a happier life.

  3. Great list of healing choices. Bravo.


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